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About Marklance Infotech

Marklance Infotech is trusted as one of the prominent IT service and solution providers in Kerala and is rapidly expanding across India. We specialise in Digital Marketing, Software Testing, and Web Development services. We understand that active assistance and collaboration beyond just service provision are what you and your business need.

We not only offer services but actively provide assistance and collaboration. Your business is your dream, and you deserve the best.

In the dynamic world of IT, success depends on the right guidance and the perfect environment to thrive. At Marklance Infotech, we are committed, hardworking, and ready to help you succeed in your business endeavour. We believe in sharing knowledge and empowering individuals through cutting-edge, government-recognised training programs. Our goal is to prepare you for a rewarding career in the professional landscape.

Marklance Infotech stands as a symbol of digital prowess in Kerala. We are not just an IT service provider, We create personalised strategies and use data-driven insights essential for your business growth. Our hard-working team ensures your business needs are met. If you're exploring Software Testing, stepping into the world of Web Development, or seeking reach and impact through Digital Marketing, Marklance Infotech is your guiding force. We pride ourselves on being more than just a company, we are your partners in success.

We are a team of individuals who have the skill, experience and drive. Come, and share your business goals, and we will make them a reality.

Marklance Infotech

What We Provide

Innovative Solutions for Digital Dominance
Be a leader in digital transformation with our cutting-edge IT solutions. From strategic planning to implementation, we pave the way for your business to dominate the digital landscape.
Customised Software Crafted for Your Success
Your success is unique, and so are our solutions. Experience tailor-made software development that aligns perfectly with your business objectives, ensuring efficiency and scalability.
Future-Ready Technology Expertise
Stand out as an innovator, utilising our deep-rooted expertise in emerging technologies. We provide insights, training, and implementation strategies to keep your business a success.
Strategic IT Consultancy for Growth
Beyond services, we offer strategic guidance. Leverage our consultancy to navigate the complexities of the ever-changing IT landscape, making informed decisions that drive sustainable growth.
Immersive Training Programs for Tech Prowess
Unleash your team's potential through our hands-on training programs. From coding essentials to advanced IT skills, we empower your workforce with the knowledge needed to excel in the digital era.
Reliable Support and Maintenance Services
Your IT infrastructure is only as strong as its support. Rely on us for seamless maintenance services, ensuring your systems run smoothly and technical glitches become an old story.
Agile Project Management for Timely Deliveries
Experience project management that adapts to the pace of your business. Our agile methodologies ensure quick and efficient delivery, meeting deadlines, and making your business easier.
User-Centric Design for Exceptional Experiences
Create a digital presence that captivates. Our user-centric approach ensures that every interaction with your platform is not just functional but also a delightful experience that creates a positive impression for your business.
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Professional & Personal Development Opportunities

Our commitment to your growth goes beyond professional skills. We provide a holistic development environment, fostering both your professional and personal growth.

Marklance Infotech

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